DIY Floral Letter Monogram

My last name used to start with an A. Oh how I miss that maiden name. Always at the front of the line. Always at the top of lists. Always #1.

Then I got married. And became Mrs. Paul.

That P is much further down the lists. #16 in fact. But despite dropping far down the alphabet – I’ve embraced it. #APforever

So when it came time to plan my cousin’s bridal shower, I knew I wanted to highlight the letter of her new last name – R. (She dropped down the alphabet from A’s a rough ride my friends.)

Since her shower was a girly and pink Parisian themed event, I knew a floral letter would be perfect. #futureMrsR

R and Eiffel Tower

I got all of my supplies at Joann’s Fabrics: cardboard letter R, fake flowers, pink paint, foam brush. Plugged in my glue gun and was ready to roll.

Floral R Before

Floral R Painted

Once it was all painted and dry, I started playing with flower placement.

Floral R First Try.JPG

At first, I thought I had finally nailed it. Then I realized I had used too many big flowers and lost the entire shape. It doesn’t even look like an R anymore!

R after

The mix of big and small flowers really works much better. So perfect for my cousin’s bridal shower as decor on a table, tray or even on the door!

Floral R Single

R on front door

DIY Floral Letter


Mrs. Alex Paul

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