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The Perfect Engagement Gift

There is nothing I love more than gift giving.

(I mean, other than carbs and real housewives marathons and my husband…but those are a given..)

But when it comes to finding the perfect gift, (and my husband will agree) I’m kind of a monster. It can take many hours, and many trips to the store, and many websites, and many return trips to the store to find what I’m looking for.

(sorry hubby)

Luckily, I’ve finally perfected my go-to engagement gift.

I give you, the 5 items you need for a perfect engagement gift:

5 items for the perfect engagement gift

  1. Mugs, about $8 each
  2. Tying the Knotie nail polish, about $8.50
  3. Couples Q&A Journal, ranges from $12-$16
  4. Ring dish, about $8
  5. Thank you notes, about $13.50

Being that I’m in my late 20s and I have a friend getting engaged like every day, this fool-proof template has been a life saver.

What I love about these items is that they can be customized for every bride – a glam, black & white theme or a feminine, floral theme. The mugs and ring dish can even be a DIY project if you’re brave enough!

And if you’re a little more budget conscious but still want a “WOW” gift, I highly recommend this customizable t-shirt. It’s under $20 dollars and is personalized with their future last name..I’ve ordered it for many friends and can definitely say I love the finished product every time.

So there you have it, my fool-proof engagement gift for the best friends in your life.


Mrs. Alex Paul