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A Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

So, something amazing happened last month.

My mom hosted 2 baby showers for me. They were Peter Rabbit themed. And incredible. And perfect. And I absolutely loved them.

How great does my mom look for being a grandma-to-be?!

And even though my mom was in charge, I may have taken over a couple of the details because I’m a control freak like that. #sorrymom

As guests came in, we had a Peter Rabbit book as the guest book with no-bleed sharpies (very important!).

We also had our first game – one of my faves- the Don’t Say Baby game. To jazz up the clothespins, I added these adorable baby bottle stickers by Jolee’s Boutique.

For the tables in the backyard, we did rounds with chiavari chairs (my fave!) and this BEAUTIFUL linen from La Tavola.


For the food, we went with a veggie inspired menu – Peter Rabbit was all about sneaking into the garden afterall.

We had little sandwiches (all pescatarian friendly!), assorted salads and a make-your-own-veggie-tray station with lots of vegetables, hummus and ranch.

For dessert, we had two cakes (two is better than one, amiright?) from my favorite bakery – SusieCakes in Newport Beach, CA! We ordered the luscious lemon and southern red velvet. Heaven.

We also ordered petit fours and delicious fruit tarts from Assal Pastry in Irvine, CA. SO incredible.

For the second shower, we had another red velvet, bunny-themed cake from SusieCakes. #addicted #imayhaveaproblem

But it’s adorable, right?!

Now onto my favorite part of baby showers – GAMES.

I wanted to try out a new game – Fruit of the Womb. Matching the fruit/vegetable that corresponds to each week in pregnancy..not easy, my friends!

The winner correctly guessed 8…8 out of 34 guesses. So definitely a tough one – but it’s gender neutral and all it requires is the gamecard (printable at the end of the post) and a pencil! Plus it’s kind of fun to torture your guests for 10 minutes..

The second game we played was Guess the Baby Food!

(Printable below)

This is another torturous game (I mean, have you tasted the the green beans they make babies eat?!) – but again, so fun for me to watch people play.

For the baby shower favors, we gave my favorite little candles by Voluspa. They had the perfect light blue and white candles – and as a bonus, they smelled SO GOOD.


Dont’ Say Baby Signdon’t say baby peter rabbit

Fruit of the Womb GamecardFruit of the Womb

Fruit of the Womb ANSWERS (Word): Answers for Fruit of the Womb game
Fruit of the Womb ANSWERS (PDF)Answers for Fruit of the Womb game

Guess the Baby Food Gamecard: Guess the Baby Food
Guess the Baby Food Paper Wraps
baby food wraps

Only 5 more weeks ago until the baby is born – and my mom officially becomes a grandma!

Mrs. Alex Paul

Rustic White & Green Baby Shower

This weekend, I was busy #celebratingbabymateo

Wood Slice Sign on Gate

My cousin and his wife are expecting their second child – a baby boy! And for us hispanics..babies are a BIG deal.

I hosted the baby shower at my aunt’s house – the mommy-to-be chose a rustic white & green baby shower theme.

We started out with rustic invitations from Shutterfly. I added a gold pocket on the back for the attire insert (guests were asked to wear white) and a diaper raffle card.

Invitation and Inserts

Wood Slice Sign for Baby Shower

Baby Shower Diaper and Gift Table

The entrance courtyard had a diaper raffle table (a MUST for any baby shower, imo) and a gift table with some activities.

Diaper Raffle Table

Baby Shower Gift Table

I had some activities for the guests to do right when they walked in.

When guests first arrived, they grabbed a clothespin for the Baby Shower Clothespin game. It’s a classic! I painted them white and added a baby rattle or baby bottle sticker to theme them a little more.

The next game we had for guests as they entered was the “Guess How Many” game.

I’ve seen this game done at a lot of baby showers – usually filled with candy. I wanted to update the game and fill the baby bottle with items that are actually useful to the mom! (Lord knows no one needs 400 blue MnMs hanging around.)

And let me tell you, shoving those baby socks in that bottle was no easy feat!

For the guest book, guests had to take a picture with the mommy-to-be, use washi tape to tape it to a page and write a heartfelt message. I made a blank photo book on Shutterfly and it worked perfectly!

Baby Shower Guestbook and Polaroid

Baby Shower Guestbook

Two of my favorite decorations were the alphabet blocks arranged in the baby’s name (painted in a forest green and stuck together using glue dots) and the green and tan diaper cake,

Baby Name in Letter Blocks

Rustic Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Diaper Table

Once guests were done with the activities in the courtyard, they headed to the backyard where the tables were set up.

Backyard Baby Shower

Backyard Baby Shower Setup

The centerpieces had greenery and a wooden easel with baby pictures of the mom, dad and big sister-to-be.

Rustic Baby Shower Centerpieces

Mother to be Sign on Chair Big Sister to be sign on chair

One of my favorite parts of the place settings were the printed placemats (bought here) with the clear plates and cutlery. It was almost as if the plates and utensils were invisible!

Baby Shower Placesetting

Okay. Let’s get to my favorite baby shower game. Ever. OF ALL TIME.

Play-Doh Babies.

For this game, each person gets a mini play-doh tub. They need to “make a baby” in 9 minutes…just like the mom-to-be makes a baby in 9 months!

This game is seriously hilarious. And realllllllly shows you which of your family has no creative ability whatsoever. (i’m talking to you grandma..)

I always do 3 prizes: Most Creative, Ugliest and Best Overall.

I’m case you’re curious…my grandma’s is the purple one on the bottom right. Nope, that’s not roadkill. That’s supposed to be a baby. Needless to say, she won the prize for ugliest baby.

The last game we did was a little tougher for guests – and a smidge tougher on your wallet (to be honest).

I bought 15 items from Target and guests had to guess how much each item cost. Not as easy as you’d think!

But, at the end of the game, the mommy-to-be has a lot of useful items to take home with her!

To keep with our #CelebratingBabyMateo tagline, I ordered these custom flags and straws from etsy. #obsessed

Gold Straws with Flags Gold Straw and Champagne Glass

Baby Boy Punch

handwritten menu for baby shower Baby Shower Menu

Rustic White and Green Baby Shower

As favors, every guest took home a mini succulent.

Succulent Baby Shower Favor

Guess How Many Game Guessing Card
The Price is Right Game Card

Now that the shower’s done…the countdown begins until Baby Mateo arrives!


Mrs. Alex Paul