About Mrs. Alex Paul

I’m the Mrs. Alex Paul to my Mr. Alex Paul.


Yup, my husband and I are both named Alex. And it’s awesome. Alex and Alex. Alex squared. We’ve heard it all.

When I’m not busy being an amazing wife (cuz, really, I am)..I’m a California girl who lives for vacations, sleeping in, animals, equality, carbs, my family and making a difference in the world.

And this blog will focus on one of my most favorite things: events. I love everything there is to love about events: invitations, games, decor, themes, favors – and most of all, the amazing memories made with great friends.

There used to be a time that I didn’t like events – like, at all. Working in non-profit fundraising, events equaled pressure. Events mean sponsorships and ticket sales and complicated seating charts AND a big six figure goal that needed to be met. Today, now that I’m out of the fundraising world, events just equal fun. And now I enjoy focusing on even the smallest of details.

Hope some of my posts help you plan amazing events in your life! Thanks for reading!

Mrs. Alex Paul