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Greeting Card Keepsake DIY

Today, I hit 39 weeks of pregnancy. #terrifying

And this nesting business is in full force.

And you know what? It hasn’t made me the most rational human being. Yes, I want all the laundry done and bathrooms cleaned. But the one thing that was driving me crazy..the greeting cards from my baby shower.

I just NEEDED them to be organized.

So on my last Friday night before my c-section, that’s what I did. #livingmybestlife

I bought this mini-binder from Target (so many cute options!).

I arranged all the cards from smallest to biggest – then I started with my largest card and worked my way forward.

Did my friends & family get me the cutest cards or what?!

And voila – all my baby shower greeting cards arranged in one adorable little binder and displayed in the nursery!

Now I should probably get to the rest of my to-do the actual stuff I need to get done before the baby gets here!

OR maybe I’ll just sit here and read these wonderful cards and ball my eyes out. #hormones


Mrs. Alex Paul

A Rosy 80th Birthday

My grandmother – the most incredible woman on this planet – just had a major birthday.

And throwing her an 80th birthday party was one of the greatest honors of my life.

Look at her killing it at 80.

All 6 of her children, 9 grandchildren..and 1 ex husband…turned up to celebrate this wonderful matriarch.

Her dream? A rosy 80th birthday with dinner and dancing.

My favorite decoration was the floral, textured photo backdrop and a sparkling 80.

That same coral fabric helped make the roses pop in our centerpieces. AND it matched the coral “80” straws in the champagne glasses. #matchymatchy

I printed old, black and white pictures of my grandma and put them in antique-style frames. Guests each got to take one at the end of the night – such an easy party favor and it’s extra sentimental to my family.

One of my favorite parts of the decor were the custom plates..and by custom, I mean plates from Party City and a clear, personalized sticker from Etsy. Put those two together..and bam, an awesome custom place setting.


Once dinner was over and people had had a little too much bubbly, we busted out the photo props!

Thanks to my Silhouette (#OBSESSED), I made some custom photo props especially for my grandma.

Along with the normal mustache, lips, crown..I added a Peru (obviously), a sparkly silver 80 and a heart that says Mamayu, which is a nickname that her oldest grandkids call her.

But the most popular photo prop was a word bubble that says CARAJO..her favorite Peruvian swear word. #classygrams

Happy 80th grandma – here’s to many more! <3


Mrs. Alex Paul

Mini Alcohol Bottle Christmas Tree

This year, my husband asked for my help for his work’s white elephant gift exchange.

“Every employee needs to bring a wrapped gift worth $25. I don’t know what to get. My coworkers just love booze.”


The perfect white elephant gift: Mini Alcohol Bottle Christmas Tree.

I went to Daiso (my new favorite store) and purchased a mini Christmas Tree for $4. It came with a base and was a perfect 2 feet tall.


  • 10-15 mini alcohol bottles (I used 11)
  • Twist-ties to attach the bottles to the tree (I got red twist-ties)
  • Tiny ornaments (I bought a 16 pack for $1.50)

It took about 10 minutes to attach all the bottles and ornaments. And voila! You have yourself an easy, go-to gift when you don’t know what else to get..or if you have boozehound coworkers like my husband does..

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

Mrs. Alex Paul

Travel Memories

I love vacations.

A tropical beach + a piña colada in my hand = heaven.

But when the trip is over (and those post-vacation blues are setting in), my husband and I pull out our travel souvenir and ceremoniously add it to our magnet collection.

Monogram with Travel Magnets

I found this metal letter online at PBTeen. It’s made out of iron and I called the customer service line just to make sure it’s magnetic. They confirmed it for me, so I ordered P for Paul!

I’m obsessed with it. And it’s a little more fun than just displaying them on the fridge.

The other tradition we have is adding a photo to our travel gallery wall in our dining room.

Travel Gallery Wall

We have a picture from every trip we’ve taken: Vancouver, Bora Bora, New York City, Washington DC, Cabo San Lucas, and Nassau.. (and maybe too many photos of ourselves? #vain)

Sprinkled in with our travel photos, we have a few prints: a map where we put dots on all the spots we’ve been and a family print of Alex and I with our 2 bunnies done by InkLane Design on etsy.

Travel Gallery Wall Closeup

Now after reminiscing about these trips..let me just hop on over to expedia to book another one!


Mrs. Alex Paul


DIY Floral Letter Monogram

My last name used to start with an A. Oh how I miss that maiden name. Always at the front of the line. Always at the top of lists. Always #1.

Then I got married. And became Mrs. Paul.

That P is much further down the lists. #16 in fact. But despite dropping far down the alphabet – I’ve embraced it. #APforever

So when it came time to plan my cousin’s bridal shower, I knew I wanted to highlight the letter of her new last name – R. (She dropped down the alphabet from A’s a rough ride my friends.)

Since her shower was a girly and pink Parisian themed event, I knew a floral letter would be perfect. #futureMrsR

R and Eiffel Tower

I got all of my supplies at Joann’s Fabrics: cardboard letter R, fake flowers, pink paint, foam brush. Plugged in my glue gun and was ready to roll.

Floral R Before

Floral R Painted

Once it was all painted and dry, I started playing with flower placement.

Floral R First Try.JPG

At first, I thought I had finally nailed it. Then I realized I had used too many big flowers and lost the entire shape. It doesn’t even look like an R anymore!

R after

The mix of big and small flowers really works much better. So perfect for my cousin’s bridal shower as decor on a table, tray or even on the door!

Floral R Single

R on front door

DIY Floral Letter


Mrs. Alex Paul